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Florida Balloon Adventures - Bill Whidden

WHERE & WHEN WE FLY   Hot Air Balloon Rides out of Central FL (Oct-mid June) 
also the Northeast & New England (mid June-Sept)

Primary launch area; Lake County, Florida.  Lake County is unique to the Central Florida landscape. It is part of a ridge trailing through Central Florida with gentle rolling hills, large oak groves and abundant lakes (large and small.) It remains mostly agricultural but the small towns located there are reminiscent of the villages in New England. They are a Mecca for the antique hunters, flea market hounds and boutique shoppers; and the restaurants are second to none in quality and ambience.  If you have a specific area you wish to fly in and it is a “flyable area,” we will come to you, but there will be a travel charge involved depending on distance.

Lake County Florida is where we fly - greater Orlando area
  thunderstorms prevent afternoon flights from happening in Florida, so
  AM flights are the standard, generally meeting approximately 45 minutes
  prior to SUNRISE. Beginning around late October through March, AM
  and PM flights become possible and can be scheduled, but the AM flight
  still provides the most stable flight conditions.

 ALL flights are weather dependent and only the safest flying conditions are considered. Take-offs are optional but landings are mandatory and your pilot has to consider your final destination when selecting a launch spot. Time aloft is also dependent on weather conditions, terrain involved, projected landing sites and the remaining daylight (in PM Flights). While 1 hour is the projected flight time, there is absolutely NO guarantee we will fly exactly 1 hour-- actual flights can last from 40 minutes to 1 hour and 15 minutes or longer, largely dependent on the above stated conditions. You will drift slowly and noiselessly above the land, occasionally touching the treetops to pick a leaf, skim a pond, talk to people on the ground or perhaps rise up a thousand feet or so to view the panoramic scenery unfolding around you.